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Where Kalix Fits

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Where Kalix Fits
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Features That Let You Cut Right to the Point

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Modeling long-running business processes in distributed systems is challenging. Kalix Workflows simplify orchestration across multiple services.

  • Failure scenarios & compensating actions
  • Increased developer efficiency
  • Roll back if something goes wrong
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Control Tower

Real-time operational visibility, and alerting capabilities.

  • Service monitoring and reports metrics across components and functionality
  • Granular insight into Kalix components
  • Comprehensive metrics ranging from health to performance to billing
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Kalix Container Registry

Kalix hosted* container registry eliminates the need to own or maintain an external container registry.

  • Registry account created automatically
  • Fully-managed container registry accounts
    (one less thing to do)
  • Deploy code to Kalix with one single command
  • Offers more compliance control
  • More stable and reliable
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Multiple Database Types

Pick between Key/Value, Event Sourcing and Conflict-Free Replicated Data Types (CRDTs). But no need for DB spin-up, SQL schema definitions or other DB management and maintenance.

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Open Communication Protocols

HTTP/gRPC/Pubsub/Kafka for ingress/egress/inter-service communication and data exchange/message delivery. Eliminates cross-team confusion and frustration and allows for the best tool for the job.

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Write in Java, JS, TypeScript or Scala

SDKs available for popular languages. Quickstarts, samples and tutorials all included to further make the developer experience fast and productive.

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Dev Tools Integrations, including IDE, CI/CD and Logging

Use favorite editors like Visual Studio Code or IntelliJ for development and enhance devops processes with integrations into CI/CD pipelines.

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0ms Cold Starts

Either work with us for pre-provisioned capacity or use the default configuration and still get 0ms starts for your services.

Infrastructure Icon

No Infrastructure Required

No need to setup databases, configure service meshes, tune caching layers. All provided out-of-the-box and transparent to the developer.

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Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) Pricing

Efficiency that helps us deliver cost-effective, no-surprises billing for our customers.

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Your data is your data, encrypted at rest and in motion. Your users are your users and you can use integrated auth support (JWT).

*Please note, customer managed container registries will still be supported.