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  • Check IconSingle region deployment
  • Check IconLimited performance
  • Check IconLimited to one project
Low cost of entry
  • Check IconUsage-based pricing
  • Check IconLimited number of projects and team members
  • Check IconSingle cloud environment
  • Check Icon9-5 business hours email support
Kalix Service Instance Hours
Each service has multiple service instances, currently they default to 3* and scale elastically based on load. Service Instance Hours is the total number of hours for all service Instances have been running in a month. The time for which a service instance is deployed and running is the service instance hours for that service instance. When a service is paused it is not charged.
*A service has one or more instances when running. An instance represents a unit of processing power. By default, each service has three instances when starting, for high availability, and can be scaled up to increase the amount of processing power.
$0.70 Per Service Instance Hour
Data Operations
This is the sum of read ops and write ops for a month.
Up to 1M Ops
$0.08 / 100 Ops
1M-10M Ops
$0.05 / 100 Ops
>10M Ops
$0.004 / 100 Ops
Data Persistence
Total amount of persisted data in a month measured in GB-Hours. 1 GB of data persisted for 1 hour is 1 GB-Hour, 1 GB of data persisted for the whole month i.e. 744 hours (for a 31 day month) is 744 GB-Hours.
$0.002 Per GB-Hour
Network Data Transfer
Data transfer charges from the services. Measured in GB.
$0.30 Per GB
  • Pay for what you use
  • Limited to 2 Projects and 5 Team Members
  • Limited zones us-east (GCP), Frankfurt (AWS)
  • Business hours email support options
Cost predictability and business-critical support
  • Check IconAnnual usage capacity pricing
  • Check IconUnlimited number of projects and team members
  • Check IconMulti-cloud options
  • Check Icon24x7 support includes phone/Zoom
Optimal performance and maximum security
  • Check IconAnnual usage capacity pricing
  • Check IconUnlimited number of projects and team members
  • Check IconSecure, isolated environment
    (GCP or AWS)
  • Check Icon24x7 support and dedicated Slack channel