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Design, Develop & Run High-Performance Backend Applications FASTER

KalixTM is a fully managed cloud platform that gives developers the framework, tooling, and runtime required to rapidly build and run scalable event-driven applications.

The Power of Kalix

The Power of Kalix in under 2 minutes.

Design… Faster

Cloud native application architecture made easy

Application design that accelerates time to business value and adapts with evolving business needs.

  • Domain Driven Design (DDD) - Declarative programming model with building blocks that help architects simplify domain modeling and handle business logic complexity.
  • Built-In best practices - Built on Akka - distributed computing framework that drives creation of reactive, event-driven applications that are high performance, resilient and scalable.
  • Infrastructure inferred from code - Auto-generated, state-of-the-art, optimized cloud native stack.

Kalix components

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Domain driven design patterns

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Application integration patterns

Develop… Faster

All Dev and No Ops

Frictionless Developer Experience for building cloud-native applications without the headaches.

  • Focus on feature development - No wiring, integration code or YAML required.
  • Polyglot SDK’s - Develop in Java, Scala, JavaScript, TypeScript.
  • Iterate rapidly - Local develop / test / debug toolchain for fast turnaround feature development.
  • Collaborate seamlessly - Developer Sandboxes allow development teams to work together in a production-like environment.

Kalix dev environment

Kalix SDK

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Dev console

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Dev sandbox

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Run… Faster

Ship and run critical applications in a fraction of the time

Your services are distributed, high-performance, scalable and resilient…automatically.

  • Build once, run anywhere - Deploy to any POP, across AZ’s and regions.
  • High Performance - Applications deliver ultra low latency with high throughput.
    • Reads—6 ms @ 1000 tps, 12 ms @ 15,000 tps. (99p)
    • Writes—8 ms @ 1000 tps, 20 ms @ 15,000 tps. (99p)
  • Best practices applied automatically - Leverages Lightbend’s Akka distributed computing runtime for scalability, high availability, optimal efficient usage of underlying infrastructure.
  • Fully managed cloud infrastructure - 24 x 7 operations on the cloud provider of your choice with no need to manage databases, service meshes, eventing, API gateways, Kubernetes, etc.
  • Security and compliance - Fully production ready, including Zero Trust, MFA, encryption, IAM, RBAC, JWT support, SOC 2, vulnerability management, etc.
  • Real-time monitoring & observability - Monitor the health and performance of all of your services via the Kalix Console or publish to the monitoring tool of your choice.
  • Seamless integration with existing tools and cloud environments - CI/CD plugins, observability, message brokers, VPC peering/private link, etc.
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YoppWorks Kalix Study

Two engineers estimated it would take 270 people-days to build a high-performance eight microservice application using a traditional approach. Using Kalix they saw significant time and cost savings.
View the Study.

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94% less

operations costs

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70% fewer

people-days required

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¼ total

infrastructure costs

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94% less

operations costs

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70% fewer

people-days required