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Kalix was released in May of 2022, and is the newest solution developed and offered by Lightbend. It is the company’s first Platform as a Service. Over three years in the making, Kalix builds on the principles of Akka (sophisticated platform for building self-managed frameworks and runtimes for event-driven microservices and APIs used by some of the world’s most recognized brands) by enabling developers to build distributed data, distributed systems but removes the need to worry about underlying architecture complexity. With Kalix, Lightbend now offers a choice of solutions in support of organizations' most business-critical initiatives.

Akka was developed in 2009 by Jonas Bonér, a native of Sweden. Akka is a mountain in the Scandinavian Mountains that Jonas has both climbed and skied, in the Laponia region of northern Sweden. Kalix is one of the four major rivers in the Norrland region of northern Sweden. Connecting Lightbend product names directly to the heritage of the company and powerful solutions they provide.

As co-founder & CTO at Lightbend, Jonas Bonér continues to play a leading role pushing the boundaries of innovation.

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