100% Value. 0% Downside.
That’s Kalix.

Value to Developers

  • Check IconFavorite languages & tools
  • Check IconZero operations
  • Check IconFull focus on business logic

Value to Business

  • Check IconNo specialized skills required
  • Check IconNew concepts fast
  • Check IconOptimized experiences

Build high-performance, low-latency applications without having to worry about:

  • Check IconSpecialized skills
  • Check IconArchitectural complexity
  • Check IconDatabase administration
  • Check IconDevOps
Install Kalix CLI
$ brew install lightbend/brew/kalix
Create an account
$ kalix auth signup
Create a project
$ kalix projects new my-kalix-proj "My Kalix Project" --region=gcp-us-east1
Deploy your first API
kalix services deploy shopping-cart gcr.io/kalix-public/samples-java-value-entity-shopping-cart:0.0.2 && kalix services expose shopping-cart --enable-cors
Interact with your API
kalix services proxy shopping-cart --grpcui

Unlock Innovation Today

Virtually Any Use Case, Any Industry, Any Vertical. That’s The Power of Kalix.

Database Icon

IoT Platforms

  • Digital twins
  • In-line analytics
  • Lightweight processing
Communication Icon

Real-Time Financial Services

  • Fraud detection
  • In-line machine learning
  • In-app personalization
Dev Languages Icon

Web-Based Gaming

  • User sessions & game state
  • In-line analytics
  • In-app personalization
Dev Tools Icon

Messengers & Chatbots

  • Chat sessions
  • Online/Offline presence
  • Chatbot routing
Oms Cold Starts Icon

Streaming Media Platforms

  • Viewer state
  • In-line analytics
  • In-app personalization
Infrastructure Icon

Distributed eCommerce Systems

  • Resilient carts
  • In-app and in-store personalization
  • In-line analytics

Innovate More For Substantially Less

Kalix eliminates many of the budget sucking costs associated with the cloud, so you can place focus on innovation and maximizing ROI not struggling to find budget (or talent) for projects.

  • Check IconPay-as-you-go and committed infrastructure cost models
  • Check IconUnderlying distributed computing platform optimizes CPU and RAM use
  • Check IconNo incremental investment in application middleware required.
  • Check IconElimination of databases, data caching or database administration hugely reduces data-related costs
  • Check IconNo incremental cost in specialized engineering skills is required
  • Check IconNo DevOps means no SRE or other operations people need to be engaged

Features That Let You Cut Right to the Point

Download The Data Sheet
Database Icon

Multiple Database Types

Pick between Key/Value, Event Sourcing and Conflict-Free Replicated Data Types (CRDTs). But no need for DB spin-up, SQL schema definitons or other DB management and maintenance.

Communication Icon

Open Communication Protocols

HTTP/gRPC/Pubsub/Kafka for ingress/egress/inter-service communication and data exchange/message delivery. Eliminates cross-team confusion and frustration and allows for best tool for the job.

Dev Languages Icon

Write in Java, JS, TypeScript, Scala, Python and More

SDKs available for popular languages. Quickstarts, samples and tutorials all included to further make the developer experience fast and productive.

Dev Tools Icon

Dev Tools Integrations, including IDE, CI/CD and Logging

Use favorite editors like Visual Studio Code or IntelliJ for development and enhance devops processes with integrations into CI/CD pipelines.

Oms Cold Starts Icon

0ms Cold Starts

Either work with us for pre-provisioned capacity or use the default configuration and still get 0ms starts for your services.

Infrastructure Icon

No Infrastructure Required

No need to setup databases, configure service meshes, tune caching layers. All provided out-of-the-box and transparent to the developer.

Pay as you go Icon

Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) Pricing

Efficiency that helps us deliver cost-effective, no-surprises billing for our customers.

Security Icon


Your data is your data, encrypted at rest and in motion. Your users are your users and you can use integrated auth support (JWT).

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