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We Are Drowning in Complexity. Can We Do Better?

Jonas Bonér.
CTO & Co-founder, Lightbend.
  • 21 November 2022,
  • 14 minute watch

Today’s vast cloud-native infrastructure ecosystem is excellent. Unfortunately, it has grown very complex and hard to navigate. What tools to use for what job? How to compose them into a single coherent system? How to ensure the application’s guarantees and SLAs holistically? It can easily be overwhelming, and a lot falls on the Ops/SRE team that needs to manage it all.

Serverless to the rescue? Yes and no. It does provide a fantastic promise of a better DX for developers. But it has fallen short of this promise, stopped in its tracks halfway there.

Can we do better? Definitely. What we need is a new category of managed platforms that do full “vertical integration” of all infrastructure; providing a simple and high-level programming model allows the developer to focus on just three things: API definition, domain data, and business logic—i.e., working on direct business value. The rest, all of the rest, should be outsourced to the platform itself. Let me show you what I mean.