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Beyond Serverless: How Feature-Focused Platforms Streamline Your Developer Experience

Hugh McKee.
Developer Advocate, Lightbend.
  • 8 June 2023,
  • 43 minute watch

If you break down the time and effort of many Java development teams into two categories, implementing features versus everything else, you may be disappointed. For many development teams and developers, the ratio of pure heads-down feature development time versus the time spent on everything else is heavily skewed toward everything else. What has happened is that as things "got simpler," more of the responsibility for doing these so-called simple tasks fell into the laps of the developers.

Fortunately, things are changing. New toolsets and platforms are emerging, focusing on abstracting away most or all of "everything else," enabling developers to spend more time doing what they love: writing code.

This session will look at four high-abstraction solutions: Fermyon, Dapr, Sky, and Kalix. While each solution differs in its approach, they all focus on reducing complexity and improving the developer experience significantly. We'll look at each solution and finish with a deeper dive into what it is like to build and run event-driven microservice systems when everything is abstracted away, allowing developers to focus entirely on features with Kalix.